Year 3

Year 3 is the point when Students are expected to synthesize their architectural understanding and demonstrate their full abilities though their Design Studio Projects.

Traditionally Year 3 marks the end of their initial period of academic study and prepares them for their first year out in Practice. At a fundamental level, Student proposals are expected to integrate structure, materials, construction, and environmental design and communicate an understanding of current Legislation and cultural imperatives. These issues may have been initially introduced by separate lectures and coursework, but they now require to be fully integrated into their Design Studio Projects.

Architecture Design Studies 3A: Urban Housing (To Live + To Work)

The Year begins by examining urban housing with linked workspaces. A site within the Merchant City area of Glasgow - the proposed new 'Candleriggs Quarter' - was again chosen for the Project to allow Students an opportunity to explore site master-planning options for a dense city centre site. Once a group strategy has been identified, Students prepare detailed individual building designs within this framework and generate 1:20 construction sections.

Architecture Design Studies 3B: An Undergraduate Thesis (To Play)

Approached as a Unit based Undergraduate Thesis, Semester Two sees Students join specific Tutors to explore the theme of 'To Play' from varied architectural standpoints:

  • Unit 1 If Architecture is the Question, What is the Answer? – Easterhouse (John Barr)
  • Unit 2 Passion For The City (Gordon Fleming)
  • Unit 3 New Life For Old Buildings (Melanie Hay)
  • Unit 4 The Disconnected City – Charing Cross (Marcin Nykaza)
  • Unit 5 In the Midst of Chaos – The Barras (Vas Piyasena)
  • Unit 6 The Hidden City – City Centre Lanes (Nick Roberts)
  • Unit 7 Townhead Biophilia – COP26 (Chris Stewart)
  • Unit 8 The Performance Factory (Derek Hill)
  • Unit 9 Precedent, Narrative and Metaphor in the Design Process (Chris Malcolm)

Following a period of Unit specific research and analysis, Students develop a built response to the issues raised. Students further develop designs for their performance buildings through an investigation of materiality and construction at a level of detail appropriate to the scale and complexity of their proposals.

Tutor Team

  • John Barr (John Barr Architects)
  • Gordon Fleming (ARPL Architects)
  • Melanie Hay (Hoskins Architects)
  • Marcin Nykaza (Keppie Design)
  • Vas Piyasena (Hoskins Architects)
  • Nick Roberts (ICA)
  • Andy Gower + Chris Stewart (Collective Architecture)
  • Derek Hill (Director of Courses)
  • Chris Malcolm (Ryder Architecture)

Peter Welsh Year 3 Leader

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