Greek Revival: a place for rainy days

“The story is told eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart” - Old Scottish proverb

'a place for rainy days' seeks to reconnect the fragmented community of the Gorbals to share stories, experiences and adventures from all cultures and backgrounds. Formerly the Caledonia Road church, a place for rainy days, will become a symbol of community spirit once again.

Storytelling is an activity which has been practised by all generations and cultures, it allows us to learn from one another and break down the cultural and social differences that often lead to intolerance within communities. Scotland is no stranger to storytelling and having a second centre for Storytelling in Scotland’s largest city helps to solidify its recognition of storytelling as an important tradition that should be cherished and protected for future generations.

Unfortunately classified as ‘at risk’, Thomson’s Grade A listed Caledonia Road church is the perfect site for this new project. By injecting life back into the ruinous site, the work of Thomson will be appreciated and enjoyed anew. The new centre responds to Thomson’s characteristic style with a subtlety and respect that seeks not to overshadow the former church but to highlight its architectural significance.

By re purposing the adjacent disused railway as a new “culture route”, a physical link can be established between multiple creative centres across the city, leading to a stronger connection between the Gorbals and the city centre.


- Alfie