Building as metaphor

This is a proposal for a theatre located between the old Pipe Factory building complex in Calton, Glasgow. The entire design process for this building was guided and informed by the metaphor of a pause. This metaphor tied together three main ideas: the pause as a theatrical device, the site as an urban pause and finally theatre as a pause from daily life. The result is a building that strongly fits its physical, cultural as well as historical contexts. 

The theatre sits in-between the old Pipe Factory buildings, using them to house crucial service spaces, offices,  toilets, and others. As a result the experience of the new-built sections of the building is much cleaner and focused. The main entrance is located on Bain St, and leads to a double-height foyer space which is the key gathering space of the theatre. From there people can go straight into the auditorium to take their seats or go up to the galleries for a different viewing experience. After the performance the audience can go socialise to the back garden and bar - that way theatre becomes a catalyst for further social interactions, and not a mere end in itself. 

The form of the building was arrived at by developing its own architectural language. Inspired by the arches of the old industrial buildings and Rachel Whiteread's Ghost sculpture, the 'anti-arch' was used as an expression of the Pause as a solid, physical object instead of a void. These 'solid pauses' can be found in all parts of the theatre, from the entrance portico, through side elevations, to the timber panel details within the auditorium.