I moved to Scotland to start my studies at the Department of Architecture in September 2018 and have now finished Year 3 of the Architectural Studies course. What interests me the most in architecture today is its relation to history, identity, and culture, and how the lines between these three can become blurred. In my work I try to explore the power of the architectural form to convey meaning and evoke feelings of beauty - I believe this is achieved through rigorous historical precedent research and detail design. My strongest skills lay in visual and graphical thinking and composition, which I use to produce carefully considered orthogonal drawings, design diagrams and impressionistic visuals. 

This year I submitted two large projects - the first one, a housing scheme in Glasgow's Merchant City, dealing with the questions of: How to preserve scale of the city in masterplanning? How can the principle of co-housing be implemented to foster community? What are the dynamics of sharing in a co-housing scheme?, and finally - How can spaces be made transformable to save space?

The second project was an Undergraduate Thesis proposing a new theatre based within the old Pipe Factory complex in Calton. This project was an exercise in how a single metaphor (a pause) can guide and inform the design of a building. The metaphor was used to tie together historical research, program development and finally detail development to create a proposal fully submerged in the cultural tissue of its surroundings.