Dalmarnock Drug and Addiction rehabilitation center

Recognize - Recover - Reintegrate

This design concentrates on meeting the urgent needs of Dalmarnock and all three surrounding communities. The strategy aimed to improve people’s health and life expectancy of people living within the surrounding community as well as changing Dalmarnock’s current image. This new building concept aims to address a growing problem in Glasgow, especially in deprived communities.

This building is concentrating on two main deprived aspects of this community Health and Education (future Employability). By providing new spaces for community activities, skill schools for future development, and rehabilitation centers for people looking for health improvement or help with addictions, a new and better strategy was developed to achieve a more integrated rehabilitation center. A new community garden would be closely linked with the skill school encouraging kids and young adults to learn about growing and cooking their own food. Separate small structures would be placed across Dalmarnock as small recreational studios and as part of a bigger project for re-integration.

Rethinking the rehabilitation program was crucial for this project as the current approach to rehabilitation facilities is segregated especially the steps within them. Most of the needed rehabilitation facilities can be found in various separate facilities across Glasgow but not all in one place. This segregated structure only causes further addiction relapse, with the rehabilitation process constantly disrupted by the distance between these facilities and the distance between being connected back to the community. We not only need to integrate our rehabilitation facilities into communities but also integrate the steps within them.

In this design, I propose a facility that houses all these phases using one design, namely an integrated rehabilitation facility that also serves as part of a community center and further education facilities. Furthermore strengthening the Recognize - Recover - Reintegrate approach. Part of the problem is not just addiction and unemployment but the feeling of hopelessness. With this multi-disciplinary building, the hopeful outlook towards rehabilitation has been achieved.