The Stobcross Hub

A food hub x community garden project


Food is something everyone enjoy on top of being an essential part of daily life. While there are foodie spots all around Glasgow, the aim of the manifesto was to provide a single space where people can gather to eat, or even do business here - supporting locals and their work.

The community garden is to encourage locals to engage in a teamwork environment to plant their own vegetables and fruits, and then enjoying the fruits of their labour together. They can also opt to sell their produce to the vendors in the food hub, or simply bring it home for themselves to enjoy.

The verdict is to propose a building with the typology of FOOD HUB and COMMUNITY GARDEN to bring the people together. This will bridge people on various levels, and in turn, boost the community's economy on top of contributing to its social integration.


Project location: Stobcross Road, Glasgow G3 8QQ