My experience of MArch was different from the norm. With Covid impacting our ability to study on campus as well as interacting with my peers, we've all learnt to become more resilient this year adapting to what was available to us by studying remotely. I was also able to be in Glasgow myself despite all that is happening, the pandemic, it really helped me grasped a better visual on the city in order to carry out my project which is largely based in Glasgow City Center.

The project brief given to us this year, allows us to have more freedom to explore the different types of typology needed within our assigned sites. In my Unit, we were given the site of Glasgow City Center, which really benefited my situation being in the City itself.

My tutor, Graeme Nicholls, has helped tremendously in developing my own brief which is an industrial building typology, something that I have not explored previously or tend to avoid. He has established a theme for the Unit based on "100 Resilient Cities" which made it easier to focus on throughout the whole project. I've also acquired new knowledge by having to deal with Water Treatment Systems this year.

Glasgow city is one of the cities which have been facing heavy rainfall flooding throughout the years. With a better knowledge on the treatment of water from rainfall, as well as providing this knowledge to the community will help Glasgow to become more resilient in the coming years.

Water Towers have dominated the skylines around Glasgow for decades. However, these iconic structures are slowly vanishing as the city starts to develop. These beautiful yet often forgotten 'sculptures' have a significant impact on the development of the city and it is time to bring it back as a new language in Architecture.