Thriving Easterhouse

The Easterhouse Compendium and Trail of Memories

This project looks at the coming regeneration to Easterhouse and critiques the development of the green belt land to provide housing instead of protecting historic sites. This project prioritises derelict land in Easterhouse for development while protecting historic sites on the green belt. This is to ensure the existing residents benefit from investments and recreational space.

Generating a town that celebrates the unique and rich history of the area is at the heart of this project. Other than protecting historic sites, the masterplan of Easterhouse identifies 2 key aspects to address; connectivity and community interaction.

The Easterhouse Compendium and Trail of Memories look to evoke community inclusivity by celebrating Easterhouses past by way of a gateway building and woodland trail. The green belt will be used to support the recreational needs of local residents and visitors, while The Compendium will provide a community hub and space to remember a lost past

These interventions will allow Easterhouse to become the thriving Eastern gateway to Glasgow and will support positive future growth of the town by directing development with the community as the central priority.