Re(Generation) of Haghill

This final year thesis project aims to take action against issues of social isolation and ageism by proposing a community village that will raise a new generation of elderly citizens in the heart of Haghill, Glasgow. The project began as a continuation of my 4th year dissertation research, seeking ways to reduce elderly isolation and dependency on care systems by keeping the ageing population in their existing homes and communities for longer.  

The work proposed shows a series of different scale interventions located in a residentially dense area of Haghill. Inclusivity, accessibility and safety are created by integrating different scale interventions and reusing vacant/ neglected land within the area. The masterplan strategy aims to connect, protect and reset the ambitions of local ageing population. This inludes elderly with dementia and carers supporting them from the early stages of dementia to the later stages. The different scale interventions involve inclusive design features that support dementia such as familiarity, way finding, accessibility and transparency.

The interventions are designed to support local and city wide activity. The largest building is located in the centre of the site and it's programme provides a sense of worth, the medium interventions provide a sense of support and the small interventions provide a sense of place within the existing community. The different scale interventions follow a progression within the programme. Each intervention acts as a gateway to the larger one allowing each individual the chance to build confidence and rejoin their community at their own pace.

The smallest intervention is found along the colourful route that passes through the site; a wayfinding bench that can be adapted to any part of the city to support an elderly person on their daily journey to and from their home without getting lost. The medium interventions act as 'safe wings' located within the vacant gap sites of the tenement blocks. These smaller buildings act as a 5 minute city plan which means residents can easily access professional, individual or neighbourly support from their door step. The largest building offers connections to the wider city and opportunity for business ventures, start up offices and volunteer work for elderly and carers who want to adapt a more ambitious lifestyle. Amongst a 15 year plan the hopes for this project is that it becomes a self sufficient, resilient and empowering community for future ageing citizens.