The Lifeline

Introducing vertical farming concepts into London's forgotten infrastructure

Food, a primordial need of ours that has shaped our lives over the years, now poses the biggest threat to the future of our planet. Vertical farming systems, that not only produce food sustainably but also bring us closer to food and its production are the need of the hour. London’s extremely complex food system relies heavily on imports and unsustainable food production methods. The resultant disconnect between Londoners and their food has had a severe knock-on effect on social, psychological and dietary issues. In 2018, the Mayor of London put forward a strategy that placed food at the heart of addressing the city’s challenges and stressed on the importance of new food technologies. The Lifeline responds to these challenges by introducing vertical farming concepts into the city’s disused tunnels, abandoned buildings and Tube stations. At the heart of this network, is a circular, zero-waste food production system that thrives on the flow of materials and waste products between four food groups that would be prevalent in our future diets. It is a carbon neutral project that runs on power generated from the heat that is dissipated by the existing Tube network. The scope of the project transcends the technological challenges and ventures into social and cultural avenues. The Lifeline is envisioned as a new line in London’s Underground network and a necessary catalyst for creating a healthier, more sustainable and self-sufficient city.