Year 3 - Key Projects

Year 3 has allowed me to develop my design, professional and technical skills as an architecture student.

Design Studies consisted of two projects with a different approach required for each. The first was an urban housing scheme, which required careful thought and consideration for a user group's housing needs. My chosen users were, members of the ageing community living alongside young families. This allowed the residential scheme to consist of multiple accommodation types, social spaces and a circulation system that encouraged intermixing of the residents.

The second project was the year 3 thesis project for a performance venue in the city. I posed the question -
How can CrossFit associated architecture be used as a tool to connect communities and encourage people to be pro-active, involved and interested in promoting their health and well-being through the re-purposing of a building at risk?

This scheme focuses on the regeneration of the Bellgrove Cattle and Meat Market site. Working alongside current residential developments this project aims to create a fitness hub for the CrossFit community whilst addressing the pressing need to tackle Glasgow’s health issues by encouraging the local community to get involved in the activities hosted at the venue. The design revitalises the only remaining market structures left on the site with the hope to renew a new vibrancy to the east end of Glasgow. The Meat Market has a rich cultural importance to the area with regards to the growth of industry within the city therefore it is essential the site welcomes a new lease of life. The performance venue has been designed to accommodate CrossFit competitions and all the supporting spaces needed for a successful event to take place. Also addressing the need for public spaces and activities which will serve the existing and newly created communities.

The Cultural Studies artwork project encouraged me to experiment with an unfamiliar art style to produce three art pieces with the intention of displaying my personal attitude and experience with the housing typology of the villa.